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Facebook and twitter are 2 social networking sites that has many fans. Apparently, these two social networking media can be in connecting with the term Twitter On Facebook. So they can update facebook status via twitter, not vice versa.

To connect the twitter to facebook, there are 2 application called Twitter For Facebook App and Selective Tweets.

1. To run Twitter For Facebook App, please go to Facebook and Twitter accounts to make it easier to run. Then click the link below or copy / paste in browser address bar.

2. Press the Allow Button

3. Appears bid, Would you like to connects your Twitter and Facebook accounts? Press the Allow button

4. Additional features, you can upadate all your tweet directly into the facebook profile to check the Allow Twitter to post updates:

If you want to break (disconnect) facebook to twitter, follow these steps:

1. Click on the link:

2. Press the OK button

3. Appears bid, Would you like to connects your Twitter and Facebook accounts? Press the button Deny .

Now, facebook and Twitter accounts you have not connect back.

Other applications for connecting facebook and twitter, it could be through an application called Selective Tweets:

1. Click the link below or copy and paste in browser address bar:

2. Enter your twitter account on the column Your Profile, then
press Allow Button

3. If it says red color The app doesn't have permission to update your status, press the Fix This. So your Twitter account has been connected with Facebook.

The difference with the first application, second application is more selective, where not every tweet we can just be a facebook status, except at the end with the code #fb, If not, then we will not be updated tweet on Facebook. Therefore, this application was given the name Selective Tweet. So which is more sophisticated? It all depends on taste.

This tutorial does not apply if your twitter account is PROTECTED status.

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